Public Mass Transit (PMT) Services and Commuters’ Satisfaction

Triple A Res. J. Soc. Sci. and Human. (JSSH)
Vol. 2(2): 048 – 059, July 2018

Full Length Research Paper

Dr. Anthony Abiodun Eniola* and Dr. Duro Dada
Department of Business Administration, Achievers University Owo, Ondo State, Nigeria


This paper considers commuters’ satisfaction with public mass transit (PMT) services in Kogi State, Nigeria. The work is propelled by the practical absence of previous research efforts in the area, particularly as it affects the commuters in the grassroots. Taking in a multi-stage sampling technique, the study used a sample of 601 commuters and 70 of both employees and management staff drawn from six different public mass transit outfits operating in Kogi State, Nigeria, by both the state government and the local government areas of the province. Data was collected from commuters, contact personnel and management staff. The survey disclosed that there is a substantial deviation between the case of mass transit outfit commuter patronize and their level of gratification with the avails of the PMT. The survey concludes that commuters, generally, are not satisfied with the avails of the public mass transit in Nigeria. Established on the findings, the study recommended among others improved funding of these PMTs and the desegregation of other modalities of transportation for effective service delivery.

Keywords: Consumer-Satisfaction, Service-Quality, Dimensionality of Service Quality.

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