Sustainable Development of Bioenergy from Agriculture Residues and Environment

Triple A Res. J. Multidisci. (JMD)
Vol. 2(2): 034 – 058, September 2018

Full length Research Paper

Abdeen Mustafa Omer
Energy Research Institute (ERI), Nottingham, UK


This communication discusses a comprehensive review of biomass energy sources, environment and sustainable development. This includes all the biomass energy technologies, energy efficiency systems, energy conservation scenarios, energy savings and other mitigation measures necessary to reduce emissions globally. The current literature is reviewed regarding the ecological, social, cultural and economic impacts of biomass technology. This study gives an overview of present and future use of biomass as an industrial feedstock for production of fuels, chemicals and other materials. However, to be truly competitive in an open market situation, higher value products are required. Results suggest that biomass technology must be encouraged, promoted, invested, implemented, and demonstrated, but especially in remote rural areas.

Keywords: Biomass resources, wastes, woodfuel, biofuels, energy, environment, sustainability related with bioenergy development, disperse systems formulation science, surfactant sciences.

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