Submit Manuscript

These steps to be followed by authors during paper submission.

Before submission: Please ensure you have read author guidelines and publication ethics. The research paper should adhere to publication guidelines and standard paper layout; as in attached.

During submission: The corresponding author submits research paper in English Language on behalf of co-authors and handles all correspondence. The research paper should be submitted as word document to: for review and publication.

After submission: An acknowledgement letter with article id is sent to corresponding author. Please use the article id for any future communication with us.

Guidelines for Suggesting Reviewer

This is an additional benefit for authors to suggest reviewer name during paper submission. Author should ensure the suggested reviewer has experience in research area of paper and the reviewer can be your colleague, friends or any other researchers. However, the reviewer should not be co-author, family members of co-authors or anyone having conflict of interest with research topic.

The journal will send research paper to suggested reviewer with a link to online review form and the reviewer needs to submit review report by filling form within 3 to 4 days. This review report will only be used for internal use by editors.

The reviewer name is mentioned as reviewed by in published paper to recognize contribution in publication.

Kindly submit your papers to: using below article template as format.

You can as well fill out article submission form below.

Download Article-Template