Mathematical modeling to monitor workplace humor style and subordinate worked attitude involvement of telecommunications companies in Port Harcourt

Triple A Res. J. Multidisci. (JMD)
Vol. 2(2): 023 – 033, September 2018

Full length Research Paper

Eluozo SN and Ukpong Uwem Johnson
1Department of Civil Engineering, College of Engineering, Gregory University Uturu Abia State, Nigeria
2Department of Management Sciences, Akwa Ibom State University


The study monitors the effect on workplace humour style and subordinate work attitude in telecommunication companies. The output of staff in these organization were observed to reflect on their subordinate work attitudes, job satisfaction and job involvement in these companies, the study experience the positivity from these dimensions as a function of workplace humour style in various period at different conditions, linear trend were observed from the predictive values, but there were variations despites the linear trend displayed from these parameters through graphical representations. These conditions implies that the input of subordinate work attitudes determine the output of job satisfaction and staff efficiency involvement, these dimensions determine the output of efficiency or growth rate of these companies productivity, these parameters generated the system that produced the predictive model, and subjecting these parameters to model validation developed a favorable fits, the study expressed the rate which these organizational behaviour determined the efficiency of staff thus generate positive or negative productivity, the study is however imperative because the evaluation of these dimensions as a function of workplace humour style has been monitored, these conceptual framework has express their various function of influence in different dimensions.

Keywords: Mathematical modeling, humour style, subordinate and involvement.

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