Mathematical Model to Predict Leader Self-Awareness and Effective Conflict Management in Manufacturing Companies

Triple A Res. J. Multidisci. (JMD)
Vol. 2(1): 001 – 010, August 2018

Full length Research Paper

Eluozo SN*1 and Ukpong Uwem Johnson2 
1Department of Civil Engineering, College of Engineering, Gregory University, Uturu, Abia State, Nigeria
2Department of Management Sciences, Akwa Ibom State University


Self-awareness and effective conflict management were subjected into evaluation, this was to monitor the extend at which such managerial concept experienced impact from positive and negative condition, various dimension that were observed to express relationship were involved to evaluate different rate of effects on leader self – awareness in manufacturing companies, other influential parameters were conflict management. These variables were observed to relate through increase collaboration as a result generate improved communication between customers and staffs for better efficiency and productivity in manufacturing companies. The study expresses various output through simulated parameters at different period and conditions, the derived simulation values were subjected to model validations, and both parameters developed favorable fits, the study expressed its significance by monitoring leader self-awareness in manufacturing companies, these were evaluated through assessment of effective conflict management to generates improved communication between customers and staffs in manufacturing companies.

Keywords: Mathematical model, leader self-awareness, and manufacturing companies.

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